United Climate Action Network

A subgroup of Caz Call To Action






We are a grass roots group of citizens who are very concerned about climate change. A year ago we started gathering to discuss, educate and organize in order to bring awareness to our community about ways to protect our environment. Towards that goal in April we had a very successful Renewable Energy Fair at Cazenovia College. I am certain this will become a yearly event.

We are always looking for people who wish to join us in these efforts. You can email us at cazrenew@gmail.com or on facebook

 After having a very successful Spring Renewable Energy Fair, the Climate Change Group  is starting up this new season with two events, and wanted to extend and invitation for new people to join us.  




Global Warming




Incentives for Renewable energy

Ten Personal Solutions to Global Warming

The Free Center

Madison County Energy Projects

Town of Cazenovia Energy & Sustainability

Cazenovia Call To Action