United Climate Action Network



Part of American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC).

As part of the ACUPCC commitment, Cazenovia College identified the following goals:

- Create and maintain institutional structures to plan and guide the implementation of sustainability actions

- Complete a comprehensive emissions inventory (Greenhouse Gas or GHG Inventory)

- Set a climate neutrality target year of 2050

- Take immediate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions + Integrate sustainability into Cazenovia’s curriculum

- Assure public availability of information about the college’s sustainability plans and progress


- Has purchased Energy Star certified products for new and replacement appliances and equipment and currently purchases 6.5% of their electricity needs from renewable sources through their supplier.

- Installed solar panels-30 kW electric power-reducing emissions by 88 tons of CO2 .

- Upgraded campus lighting with energy efficient lighting lamps and fixtures

- Constructed new buildings to be green & energy efficient

- Collects and re-purposes manure into mulch

- Constructed diversion ditches

- Developed recycling programs

- Made sustainability part of the curriculum

- Purchase more efficient vehicles

Embedded in The Cazenovia Climate Action Plan